What are The YXE One-Takes?

We wanted to create an opportunity

for upcoming + established musicians in YXE

to capture an authentic performance

with video.


Why a One-Take Performance?

There’s no editing, cuts, or auto-tune,

in short, there’s no tricks. It’s as real and pure

as it can be outside the context of a live show.


Why are we doing this?

We know that many musicaians struggle

to raise funds for music videos and

other creative digital mediums to help

share their music with the world.

We highly value an artist’s live performance.

We’re always blown away by how passionate

artists are when they’re singing their songs.

That’s what we want to help you capture.


How will this work?

To be clear, you’ll have more than just one take

at recording your song. In fact, you’ll be in the

studio for Three Hours.

In the end, you will recieve a Performance Video

captured by Light/Dark Media, and a Final Mix

of your song from Contrast Recording.

These can be used for anything you’d like. For example, social media sharing, your first single, streaming, and more!

We wanted to make this as accessible to as many bands and artists as we possibly could.

Which means we’re offering this at the lowest

cost possible. Only $300.


How do I book my session?

Hit the “Book my Session” button on this page!

This will only be available for a limited time,

so make sure to book soon!

We look forward to working and creating with you.