"I got my songs mixed and recorded by Contrast Recording, and I find when you're doing something like that you need trust.
Not only were they trustworthy but they were honest and talented, giving insightful suggestions and feedback which was always appreciated. Each song was handled with equal amount of care and work, which was always a ton! They made the process fun and easy, it is obvious that they care about your work as much as you do. I've had nothing but positive experiences with Contrast Recording, as I'm sure many others would agree." 

- Quinlin

"The quality from Contrast Recording is what makes their work exceptional. Cole from Contrast Recording is constantly pushing himself to improve his ability, and it shows in his growth as an artist. If it is your first time recording a song or podcast with Contrast you will be amazed at how superior their product is. I wouldn’t have been able to release the quality of material that I did without the work from Cole at Contrast Recording."

-Philip Adams

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